Five core Advantage Give you more power!
service advantage
We always adhere to the principle of service-oriented, and give the greatest attention to any suggestions and evaluations of our customers. We know that good communication with customers can better serve and maximize customer satisfaction
Technical advantages
We have attracted a group of technical talents with many years of practical experience in the field of lead-acid batteries, from site installation design, equipment power calculation, battery selection, capacity calculation, writing bidding copy, one-stop service
branded advantages
Our mission is to actively search for new products, gradually eliminate existing poor quality battery brands; strive to develop new markets and potential distributors, and strive to build a sound and efficient distribution network; use existing resources to increase publicity and capture Potential customer information, gradually establish customer database, carry out database marketing, thereby driving terminal sales; sound and unified after-sales service management system, solve the worries for distributors
Strength advantage
With more than 15 years of industry experience, we are now focusing on channels, so we can quickly understand the information of each brand and deliver it in real time.
Management advantage
Only first-class management can create first-class service, standardized procedures, efficient management system, high coordination and team spirit. All of this is the basis of our survival and development, and the root cause that all customers can trust us.
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    Guangzhou Berens power Co. Ltd.

    Guangzhou Berens power Co. Ltd.

    Guangzhou Belles Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a professional battery system solution provider for power supply, energy storage, emergency power supply, start-up power supply, etc. It is located in the beautiful Huacheng-Guangzhou. The company was established and marked the tractor. The independent brand of the battery is officially broken...

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